Prodotti tipici pugliesi onlineThe 'Pietrasanta Farm' in Carovigno (in conversion to organic farming) of Leobilla family produces and sells online typical Apulian biological products, handed down from father to son for more than three generations and is located in the most fertile territory of Puglia, that is on the Brindisi hills in the area between Carovigno and Ostuni, a few km from  Torre Guaceto Reserve. Among our online typical Apulian products, there is the "PIETRASANTA"  EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.
 Our centuries-old olive groves are located at an altitude of about 400 metres, on ventilated and sunny hills, close to the coast, far away from industrial areas and  road communications;  the combination of these factors creates an ideal environment to cultivate genuine and healthy olives that guarantee a controlled-origin oil, strictly natural, according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, good for a healthy and natural diet.
'Pietrasanta Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with high quality olives, immediately taken to the mill after harvesting, processed within 12 hours (1st secret)   and carefully selected (2nd secret).
We produce 100% biological ITALIAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (in conversion to organic farming), with no dyes or preservatives, produced in a hilly area in Puglia that overlooks the sea, from Ogliarola, Leccina, Cima di Melfi, Frantoio , Cellina from Nardo quality olives with traditional mechanics  cold squeezing.
Recently some of our projects that we have pursued with consistency and commitment for years have been rewarded by Slow Food with the creation of two principals, they all concern crops that take place in the Torre Guaceto area of Carovigno: the monocultivar Evo from Ogliarola Karpene and finally the Biological Fiaschetto tomato from Torre Guaceto , from which we produce the precious Biological Fiaschetto tomato sauce from Torre Guaceto and the excellent Fiaschetto tomato from Torre Guaceto in biological sauce.
Recently produced, October 2018, the new monocultivar Evo Oil of Picholine Karpene in purity on the nose has an intense fruity, with distinctly herbaceous hints. In the mouth it gives the best of itself, with a powerful and persistent bitter and spicy.

THE SALE OF TYPICAL APULIAN PRODUCTS ONLINE "PIETRASANTA" INCLUDES, our typical Apulian products all biological and exclusively handmade, as tradition has handed down, absolutely natural, without any type of preservative, there are: dried almond figs, green olives and black olives in brine, capers in salt and products in oil such as lampascioni, artichokes, aubergines, courgettes, spicy gardener, capricious salad; all products strictly of our cultivation, handmade with salt and vinegar and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Spreadable jams: apricot compote and plum compote.

Pietrasanta  sells typical products of Puglia online: 100% healthy and wholesome

The love for their land, the passion for their work and the dedication to do more and more to always reach a higher degree of quality, these are the fundamental criteria of the "Azienda Agricola Pietrasanta" of Carovigno (Brindisi), a small family-run company that deals with the production and online sale of high quality Apulian extra virgin olive oil and the production and artisan transformation of typical products of the Apulian culture without preservatives and without citric acid.

Our goal is to obtain a pleasant taste product, but above all extremely healthy and genuine, at the base of our Mediterranean diet!