pomodoro fiaschettoThe Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto in biological sauce is a fine recipe that is obtained by cooking Fiaschetto tomatoes, in 2017 it was recognized as a Slow Food Presidium, and is used in many ways by the Apulian culture: generally for the condiment of first courses, in the main courses and on the delicious pizzas.

Our Fiaschetto tomato of Torre Guaceto in biological sauce is a healthy and quality product, and not only, it contains the memories of our childhood, when the processing of the tomato sauce was an opportunity to bring our whole family together: Its scent reminds us when as children, we all went together, armed with a basket to collect the redest and ripest tomatoes that immediately afterwards were spread on the racks in the shade of a large olive tree, surely these were the most beautiful moments, we sat down everyone to choose the best tomatoes and listen to the stories of their beloved grandparents. Immediately afterwards, the fiaschetto tomatoes were cooked, exclusively at night, to avoid the heat of the August days, after bottling, at the end of the work, a large table was improvised and we all had lunch together passionately.

We wanted to enclose this in our Fiaschetto Tomato in sauce: our happy childhood, the union of the family, the stories of our grandparents in the shade of that large olive tree, the songs of women, the scent of summer, the serenity of a child.
The Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto in Sauce is a product created to bring the whole tomato on your tables, in short, by opening it you will feel all the aromas and flavors of our spring, you will find the tomato intact, as if it were fresh or just picked, wrapped in the velvety puree; all this is the result of the passion of the Leobilla family that controls the entire production chain: from the selection of the redest and ripest tomatoes in the field for sowing next year, to their harvesting and packaging which takes place within a few hours of arrival in the laboratory.

The Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto wins the recognition of the Slow Food Presidium in 2008, and specifically the one produced within the Torre Guaceto reserve by the Pietrasanta Farm, obtains recognition in the summer of 2017, for the autochthonous variety, the good practices agronomic aspects of the company, the eco-sustainable techniques and the landscape and environmental value.
Our Fiaschetto tomato became biological in the summer of 2018 and represents a historical cultivar of the territory between Ostuni and Carovigno, close to the Apulian Adriatic coast, and precisely from the Torre Guaceto Reserve, in the heart of Apulia from which it draws particular unique characteristics such as the sweet and brackish flavor.

Fiaschetto Tomato in sauce of Torre Guaceto  has an intense red color with a very sweet flavor, the pulp is full-bodied and consistent; these characteristics are given to the product by the particular composition of the soil, by the irrigation water (surface wells along the coast that give water rich in salts) and by the climate.

Our Fiaschetto tomato, formerly a Slow Food Presidium, became organic in the summer of 2018 and represents a historic cultivar of the territory between Ostuni and Carovigno, close to the coast of the Torre Guaceto Reserve, is a unique product of its kind and is typical of the territory Brindisi, where an extraordinary variety of protected ecosystems including the marine reserve, the coast, the wetland, the Mediterranean scrub and the agricultural areas, make this product rich in extraordinary characteristics!