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Our artisanal pasta is produced from semola obtained from the grinding of our ancient Saragolla durum wheat grown in the fields of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve. Bronze drawn, slow drying and at low temperatures: this is how the pasta reaches the right roughness and consistency to maintain the flavor and fragrance of the grain.

Orecchiette are the typical pasta shape of the Puglia culinary tradition. They are famous all over the world for their characteristic round and concave shape, smooth on the outside and rough and wrinkled on the inside to better hold the sauce.

INGREDIENTS: Saragolla ancient durum wheat semolina, water

the processing takes place in a high quality pasta factory on the Gargano (Foggia)

Pure certified water is added "gently" to the semola and the right time is waited to allow the gluten mesh to form properly.

Then we move on to extrusion with rigorously bronze dies, which give the pasta a roughness that allows the condiments to bind, and for a better and more correct release of starches.

Then the pasta is slightly pre-dried for a few minutes, to keep the shape and then it is transferred to the drying cells.

Here the pasta will be dried at low temperatures (40 degrees) for about 24 hours. During drying, the effect of the hot wind is simulated, with pauses and changes of direction, which will allow the pasta to have the right consistency and resistance during cooking.

Orecchiette are the ideal pasta shape to be served with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of ricotta cheese or meat sauce, but also with turnip greens.

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